Use Your TV Commercials on the Web

TV Commercial ProductionIf you have run TV Commercials in the past or planning to do so with a TV production company, make sure you offer the commercials on your website, as well as, distribute them throughout the web. You will get a big bang for the bucks you spent and pull in more customers to boot, for a very low acquisition cost. Here are some tips to help you pull off this strategy of combining TV with the internet.

Display Your TV Commercials on Your Website

TV commercials are perfect to use on your website to visually get your sales message across, as well as, show some credibility for your company. A web visitor may not have ever seen your TV Commercials, so you have a great medium to use to help convert them on the web. Other web visitors may have seen your commercial on the web in the past, and by having it again on your website, you breed instant familiarity. Find good locations on your website to strategically place your TV commercials. Don’t be too intrusive!

Use Your TV Commercials on Your Web Sales Landing Pages

TV Commercials can a great media to use on your web sales landing pages. The TV commercial can be placed front and center and start as soon as the sales page loads. It is a good introduction to the sales pitch which follows with good sales copy and web sales process. Remember that a web visitor may have the sound turned off on the computer so be sure to have good sales copy surrounding and following the video.

Repurpose Your TV Commercials to Distribute Throughout the Web

Use video distribution sites like You Tube to distribute your TV Commercial all over the web. It is important to have your website embedded or prominently displayed in the video so a viewer can easily click over. Make sure the TV Production Company you use can convert your TV Commercial for use on the web. Make any edits if necessary for areas of the commercial which may not fit for the internet.

Use Your TV Commercials in the Social Networks

This can be a very powerful adaptive use of TV commercials. Social Media is an excellent platform to spread your TV Commercial virally all throughout the web. The social networks can create a buzz about the commercial, and the web video views can sky rocket. Search Engines use social media now in their search results. What a perfect place for a TV commercial to be shown as a web video in the results!

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    Use Your TV Commercials on the Web «…

    Use Your TV Commercials on the Web «…